Study with award winning instructors, including five trainers of world champion horses.  You don't have to seek certification; take just one course of interest. 

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Be Proud of Your Equine Knowledge
"Achievement Certificate" awarded for every course; display yours knowing your
commitment to learning means happier, healthier, better trained horses, better riders.
Choose one course for personal enrichment, or earn certification and make your passion your profession.  easy payment plan.  Completely online.

      As a trainer with a record of  academic achievements, clients recognize you as being the "better choice" when deciding who will care for and train their horses.  Your education is an investment, paying dividends year after year in increased income and career security.

     Clients want more than "heels down, shoulders back"; they want their Riding Instructor to offer horsemanship mastery and higher standards, utilizing modern teaching techniques based on individual learning styles.
      A certified instructor is the choice being demanded today. 

    Qualified Stable Managers
are in high demand...because there are so few of them!
     Your academic credentials prove to employers you have greater knowledge, mastering horse care, housing, health, nutrition, supervising employees and earning the respect of the stable's customers.    
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